Freedom from Water Worries

July JRC Home Solutions Special
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Celebrate Independence with JRC Home Solutions:

Freedom from Water Worries!

At JRC Home Solutions of Texas, we’re proud to serve our customers and celebrate the spirit of independence. This July, we have an exclusive offer that combines the best of patriotism and top-notch home solutions. With every purchase of a whole home water treatment system, you’ll receive a fantastic bundle of products absolutely free: a 5-stage filtration system, a sink mat for added convenience, a leak detector for enhanced security, and an upgraded faucet for a touch of elegance. It’s our way of saying thank you and ensuring you have the freedom to enjoy clean, safe, and great-tasting water in every corner of your home.


Our advanced water treatment system is designed to provide your entire home with purified water, removing harmful contaminants and improving the overall quality of your water supply. Say goodbye to concerns about impurities and hello to peace of mind.


As part of this special offer, you’ll receive a 5-stage filtration system that enhances the effectiveness of your water treatment system. This additional layer of filtration ensures the water you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing is as pure as can be.


Protect your kitchen sink from scratches, stains, and everyday wear with a durable sink mat. This practical accessory will keep your sink looking clean and fresh while adding an element of style to your kitchen.


Safeguard your home against water damage with a cutting-edge leak detector. This compact device will alert you to the presence of leaks or excessive moisture, allowing you to take immediate action and prevent potential disasters.


Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bathroom with an upgraded faucet. This stylish accessory not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also provides improved functionality and convenience.

JRC Home Solutions reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice. Don’t miss out on this exceptional patriotic promotion! Contact us today at JRC Home Solutions of Texas to take advantage of this fantastic offer and experience the freedom of worry-free water in your home.

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This promotion is valid for the entire month of July. The offer is applicable to purchases of whole-home water treatment systems only. The free bundle includes a 5-stage filtration system, a sink mat, a leak detector, and an upgraded faucet. Installation of the whole home water treatment system is not included in the promotion and will be charged separately. The promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.